Viva México! Ajúa!

On September 15th we celebrate in México the Independence Day. So today I want to share some videos with you. Hopefuly someday I’ll share information about my beautiful country. Just… not today. I’m having a cold and cannot think a thing, lol.

This was at the Zocalo of Mexico City on Sept. 15th of 2009. A show never seen before. It was so awesome.

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Remembering Elvis

I write this blog entry as a small tribute to Elvis Presley. It’s been 32 years since he’s passin’ away and his legacy’s value it’s been increasing during all this time…

If something marked my life of a very unique way, it gotta be, definitely, Elvis Presley. It would take me pages and pages writting what he means to me and how much he had influenced my life over the years. But today I want to express in some lines (or at least to try), my feelings for my darling. Yes, today: August 16th of 2009.

I consider myself lucky (besides some other reasons 😉 ) for being a music lover. If you’ve read my blog, you may know that music is pure oxygen to my soul. But before becoming a music lover in general, I fall for Elvis when I was only seven years old. My parents used to play oldies music and also, back in the 90s, there was a tv serie about the marvelous Elvis’ early years…

Anyway, whatever the reason was, I’ve always thought that becoming an Elvis fan was “something magical“. Yes, reasons may not be explained, cause no matter how or why, I bacame an Elvis fan and that made (makes) me happy.

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To my little friend…

There’s a song that has a particular power of making me feel better. Is a deep song with marvelous and touching lyrics. I remember myself hearing it when I was ten years old. Since that first time, this musical poem became a funtain of strength to me. This time, I want to post this song here as a tribute to a truly beloved friend of mine who passed away recently.

My favorite version of this song with Elvis Presley: the also powerful performance from Elvis On Tour (1972) documentaire. Every note of this song describes what my friend always ment for me: a Bridge Over Troubled Water

So, here it goes for him:

With all my love,


* Esta canción es para ti además de “Break of Dawn” de Michael Jackson. Tú ya sabes por qué…

Remembering the King of Pop

You may already know that I’m a big Elvis Presley fan and a music lover. But I’m gonna reveal a little secret. ;-] Michael Jackson was my first approach to music.

In 1987, Michael was already consideretad as a mega icon of pop culture. His record Bad of that year became the very first my in entire collection of personal music. I was fascinated by Michael’s dancing, dressing style and fantastic videos. He was more than a super heroe for me (just like in his Moonwalker movie of 1988).

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A Second Life… ¿a second love, a second profession and a second me?

LindaG How many of us have had the idea/fantasy of escaping from reality and enter into a world that can be just the way we want? A place free of pollution that bring us the oportunity of easily becoming famous… Like a second Donald Trump: owning a huge fortune and many mansions…

This blog entry is dedicated to that fantasy, the one that turns “real” in Second Life (SL), a virtual world where everything can be designed by ourselves just following our desires.

This perfect world is online since a few years ago. A metaverse where the entertainment is it’s principal characteristic, but where we can also find an extended branding, business, politics and, even, education. Yeah, just like Real Life.

Created by Linden Lab back in 2000, SL is constituted since then as a graphic platform for users around the world to interact (like a 3D chat). SL has taken advantage of internet of a fascinating way, especially for business. Even some governments have created an “embassy” in that virtual world (what they use for tourism campaigns, for example).

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Elvis Presley: “Hurt” 1977

Following with my “sattie” music, I wanna post this video I found. It says is Elvis in 1977… Seems a bit rare to me, that’s why I’m asking your opinions about it. How many versions exists of this song? By now I already found 5.

Hey, any thoughts on take 3? It sounds so touching too.

I’ll never fall in love again

Today I want to share with you all two versions of a sattie ballad. My music box also includes these kind of songs… don’t ask me why. 😥

First version is by Elvis, an alternate take (5):

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