I’ll never fall in love again

Today I want to share with you all two versions of a sattie ballad. My music box also includes these kind of songs… don’t ask me why. 😥

First version is by Elvis, an alternate take (5):

The second one is by Tom Jones. I decided to include it here because is so touching… And describes the way I feel right now while I’m writing this thread:

Any comments are welcome… You got a favorite version of this song?


3 Responses to “I’ll never fall in love again”

  1. Chantal Says:

    Hello Wendy,

    I voted Elvis….off course!! But the version of Tom Jones is also great.
    Really like the poll.

    Much love,

  2. cliff Says:

    Surely a song for the brokenhearted!
    Tom got my vote because of the emotion he put into the song.

  3. BilliematBoy Says:

    Hey, I discovered your site today. I really like Elvis’ version. I’m such a fan of him. But I was looking today for this song sang by Tom Jones. And here it goes. Geeeeeeee. Nice <>. My vote goes for him. Thanks for the link. Join the club of the ppl-with-broken-heart. :~(
    Ya’ go sistttt.

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